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Back 2 Basics by VJ Anisha

Back 2 Basics from Ana Villanueva on Vimeo.

Promoter vs. VJ the sequel! Part II “Payback is a bitch!” ::NSFW::

Based on true stories inspired by VJ Kyle Lyons the owner of

Over the last 10 years Kyle has played in numerous festivals, clubs and events around the world working with a wide range of promoters. Some good and some bad. We here at think that everyone should be paid for their hardwork. If everyone else is getting paid why not you? So please think about the kitties! Also please subscribe, comment and visit :)

Special thank you to VJ Anisha for creating the video & listening to me whine about shite promoters.

Video Editing: VJ Anisha & VJ Kyle Lyons
Animation: Xtra Normal
Dialogue: VJ Anisha & VJ Kyle Lyons
Video sample: Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (1991)
Video sample remix: Hamageddon
Remix “Story of Ricky” effect: Resolume Avenue- beatloopr

Promoter vs VJ

Valentines themed content from VJ Loops, plus 4 freebies!

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VJ Loops Valentines

VJ Loops Valentines

VJ Loops Valentines

VJ Loops Valentines