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VJ Vault & VJ Loops Contest III- Contest is closed

All good things come to an end, but no worries the best is yet to come. Our AV-Contest is now closed, watch the final entry from VJ FranzK, thanks to him and everyone else, who took part in this contest!

… but the good news is: soon the judges will pick the cream of the crop and reward the creators of the best AV-loops with some of these nice prizes. we’ll keep you posted on the progress. watch this space :)

Treasures from the vjvault: Incredible Indonesia

our virtual world tour reaches it’s next stop at Jakarta in Indonesia, home of  ican*agoesdjam who has already contributed 497 clips to the vjvault! most generous, thank you!

check out the whole range of his visual work, and don’t miss his contributions to the av contest here at the vjvault, there is still time left to submit your selfcreated AV-Work and maybe win some of these precious prizes

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VJ Vault & VJ Loops AV contest extended until end of October 2009

Hello everyone,
Just a quick update on the AV contest. We have to extend the contest until the end of October. Sean is currently on vacation and I will be leaving for Malaysia and Indonesia on Sept 22nd for one month. We decided to extend the contest which will allow us more time to review all the loops submitted. So for those of you that submitted loops thank you. So everyone still has time to submit more 5-30 second original AV loops to VJ Vault. The original post is here.

Check out some of the entries, this one from Shiftpitcher.

VJ Vault & VJ Loops AV contest!!! Only a few weeks left to enter!

The AV contest hosted by VJ Vault and VJ Loops is coming to an end.  Only a few weeks to enter your content at for a chance to win prizes and cash.  If your interested in entering your content please visit to read the official post and information for entering.

Check out the latest entries from one of our users Groovyland (Ican*Agoesdjam)

How touching, follow up with VJ Fader’s “faderTouch”, new demo from BeiJing Studio.

VJ Fader faderTouch Visual Synth – BeiJing Studio Session #5


Fader releases another demo using his custom prototype “faderTouch” visual synth.  This is some follow-up footage in regards to our previous post  about his new toy.  The video above is VJ Fader’s extended VJ set, using “faderTouch”.  It’s a touchscreen interface controlling visual synthesizer programmed in Processing.   Track is “Holding The Moth” by Underworld (Audiojack Remix), taken from 64er’s Summer 2008 mix compilation.