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Lamest production ever? I hope not!

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QUOTE from  “Were you at the KKNK? I hope not. Anyway, if you were at a certain stage, any time, any day of the week, you probably saw the band “DEMO, PLEASE REGISTER”. I thought I did, until I noticed that the members of the band kept changing every 45 minutes. The MC also kept getting the name wrong. He called them Glaskas, Straatligkinders and then aKing. Come on guy.It took me a good two or three seconds to realise this, but it wasn’t the name of the band we saw behind the guys on stage. It was actually a trial version of the software Arkaos Grand VJ, used to play videos and animations on the screen during the show. The production company decided to just save the money and use a demo version instead of actually purchasing the application, resulting in the DEMO text being displayed at random intervals.I payed R2700 for my copy, because I didn’t realise that these days it’s perfectly acceptable for a professional company to use demo/trial software. When did this happen? Anything goes at KKNK, I guess.”


Interview with VJ Kyle Lyons on Retina Error’s blog Seen:By


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