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VJ Booking, Discover and Connect with VJ’s

Belgian visual artist “VJ Arties” Geert De Coninck wanted to bring VJ’s together by creating a website for locating and connecting with other VJ’s.  So far the list is up to 269 users.  I was the lucky 250th :) Go ahead and sign up.  Don’t forget to upload some pics and samples of your work.

“Hi my name is Geert De Coninck and as a creative designer ( and Vj Arties, I created this new website for vjs to connect and to make a vj profile. This way you can browse the work from fellow Vj’s around the world and send them a email if you like. I also want to present the term ‘VJ’ to all people. Most people don’t even know we exist. WE ARE NOT A COMPUTER! WE MAKE LIVE VIDEO ANIMATION! So buy us a drink! ;) For clubs and event organizers it easy as wel to browse all video and motion animators and book the one they like. I hope we can start a revolution in experimental video, we have been stand in the dark on stage way to long, but first, discover and connect at or Send me a email at I’m from Belgium and i speak dutch and english. So send me a mail. Enjoy the site!

My VJ profile at Vj Booking