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Fluid Motion USA 2011 Mix by VJ Dubassy

fluid motion usa 2011 mix from dubassy on Vimeo.

Coming soon to “Ghetto Stereo” by VJ Skulpture

VJ Steve G: New 720p visuals out now “Spooks Series 1-4″


Visit: SteveG 720p only at

Alec Troniq- Fauxpas with visuals by Devon Miles available soon on

New AV release featuring the music of Alec Troniq and the visual adventures of Devon Miles!!!

[IPOLY007 A1] Alec Troniq – Fauxpas from Devon Miles on Vimeo.

Label: Ipoly
Artist: Alec Troniq
Album: Uncrufter 2000
Track: Fauxpas
12″ Vinyl and digital
directed and edited by Devon Miles
New video for Alecs release on Ipoly Music. over 3000 photos were processed in After Effects and Premiere. shot in february on different locations in thailand. for the Tiltshift effect a sigma tiltshift lens was used.

~oO~ A subtle black and white AV piece by Taras Gesh & Edit

After grabbing second place in the last VJ Loops & VJ Vault contest  we decided to follow Taras to see where his work is going.  It’s no surprise he’s keeping busy creating all day and night in his homeland Russia.  Check out a personal interview posted at SEEN:BY the visual blog by VJ Retina Error.  Taras is the featured interviewee this week and you can see the viewpoint from a true visual artist coming out of Russia.

~oO~ from Taras Gesh on Vimeo.

VJ Loops is looking forward to a visual pack release in near future from Taras so keep your eyes peeled!