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Humanizr- Psy Nature in HD and SD available now at

Visit for affordable royalty free stock footage and visuals

Humanizr SD

Humanizr HD

Humanizr Psy Nature from Daniel Sinqueso on Vimeo.

Alec Troniq- Fauxpas with visuals by Devon Miles available soon on

New AV release featuring the music of Alec Troniq and the visual adventures of Devon Miles!!!

[IPOLY007 A1] Alec Troniq – Fauxpas from Devon Miles on Vimeo.

Label: Ipoly
Artist: Alec Troniq
Album: Uncrufter 2000
Track: Fauxpas
12″ Vinyl and digital
directed and edited by Devon Miles
New video for Alecs release on Ipoly Music. over 3000 photos were processed in After Effects and Premiere. shot in february on different locations in thailand. for the Tiltshift effect a sigma tiltshift lens was used.